Avexia, Inc. is an emerging company based in Denver, Colorado, building a digital Athlete Recovery Engine, guiding injured athletes toward recovery.

We guide injured athletes to manage their personal recovery pathways, by providing a 24/7, clinically-moderated, evidence-based digital solution to support the injured athlete through all factors of recovery – Physical, Emotional and Behavioral, Medication Management, Social. We seek to reduce opioid misuse, isolation, unnecessary healthcare costs and improve overall recovery processes and outcomes on a national scale.


We know there is a huge opportunity.


of young male athletes (18-25) reported a mental illness anually

million Americans engaged in sports and recreational-related activities, 2015

million Americans on average suffer an injury episode on an annual basis, 2015

billion-dollar costs on the U.S. healthcare system from fitness and wellness


  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • PTSD
  • Anger & Clinical Depression
  • Expression of Pain
  • Suicide


  • Loss of Identity
  • Social Interaction
  • Lethargy
  • Mood Swings


  • Overuse Injuries
  • Not Compliant with Treatment Plan
  • Active While Still Having Symptoms


  • Pressure to Play Through Pain
  • Pressure to Manage Pain
  • Risky Behavior
  • Heroin Use
  • Overdose


A digital, clinically-moderated, evidence-based solution that utilizes member-centric data to deliver personalized recovery support to: improve recovery processes, improve behavioral and emotional wellbeing, and improve clinical quality, satisfaction, and financial outcomes.

Mood and Behavioral Health Assessments & Tools

Mood checker, validated  assessments, etc. (PHQ9, GAD7), stress relief breathing tools.

Social Circle of Care

Share access to information with Social Circle of Care e.g. physician, family, and coach.

Physical Health Mgmt: Monitor Pain and Soreness

Record daily pain, soreness symptoms, zoom in to precisely pinpoint pain. Track activity, therapy and biometric data from wearable devices.

Medication Mgmt & Alerts

At a glance, color coded medication tracking and alerts, ability to track how you feel when taking medications.

Peer Support Community

24/7 clinically moderated community where Members are anonymous to remove concerns about stigmas. Healthcare professionals help facilitate the Athlete’s journey, provide support, ensure safety.


Report on activity, results from assessments and share pain and medication log with physician.

Clinical Moderation Package

  • Immediate access to evidence-based tools and resources to help  support and encourage the injured athlete through recovery
  • 24/7 access to peer community to discuss their health concerns, behavioral, physical and social
  • Anonymous, decreasing stigma and allowing individuals the forum to be comfortable sharing their concerns and experiences
  • Clinically moderate to help facilitate the athlete’s journey, provide support and ensure safety and anonymity
  • An immediate referral source for Providers for their patients  – improve self management – No patient goes home alone
  • An extension of Provider’s practice without expending addition resources


Steve Moye

Steve Moye


15 Years experience as a Chief Executive in the Digital Health industry, where healthcare, technology and technology-enabled services…CONVERGE.

Recruited by a Denver-based $22B health system, to start-up a portfolio digital health company, Steve successfully led the company from Seed Funding to an Investor’s exit strategy by becoming a $24 million business in 3 years, growing to 54% CAGR.

Aleksei Kac

Aleksei Kac


21 Years experience in the mobile and SAAS software industries building startups, teams, products, and solutions.

After building a large portfolio of SAAS on the web in the late 1990s, Alex started a mobile software company in 2000, grew the company partnerships with Fujitsi-Siemens, HP, Microsoft, Franklin Covey, Apriva (US Government Secure Software) and successfully led it to a sale in 2016 to CompleteXRM – a spinoff of Franklin Covey.


George Gardner

George Gardner

Over 20 years of experience with some of the leading healthcare payers, providers, pharmaceutical,and telcom organizations as an executive, management consultant, and investor (e.g.Kaiser, Aetna, CHI, AstraZeneca, TracFone). He has designed, launched, and managed numerous new ventures and services encompassing digital health, consumerism, population health management, payment reform, and new business models.

He also ran an accelerator and has stood-up innovation groups for large organizations – connecting the dots between innovative startups and legacy organizations. Most recently helping a large global organization identify and game-plan around trends and forces that may significantly impact their business, such as AI, automation, blockchain, big data, crypto-currency, digitization, fintech, new workforce dynamics, and sustainability.

His recent investment and advisory portfolio addresses the most significant and challenging issues in US healthcare, such as behavioral health and addiction, new health coverage models and patient financing, and assetization of the benefits of good health (the Mars shot).

Prior to diving into healthcare, he worked in private equity and helped craft and launch one of the largest IPOs on the NYSE (PartnerRe). He also ran a $450M portfolio of mixed assets (fixed-income and derivatives) utilizing trading algorithms.

Nathan Thomson

Nathan Thomson

20+ years in swimming and U.S. Masters swimming. Member of the U.S. National Swim Team. Member of the U.S. World University Games swim Team. Nate is a record-holding swimmer from LSU, and competed in the Olympic trials. He has also had 6 years of experience at the college athletic level.

Nate is well known in the athletic and competition swimming world and has built relationships with former and current professional Triathletes, as well as others in the sports world. He spends a lot of time keeping up with US based elite athletes in Colorado.

Nate is trained computer engineer with decades of experience in consulting, software architecture, software design, and development. He is capable of understanding software development and the needs of athletes in swimming, running, and cycling. Nate also runs several trusts and business interests. He’s very active in his social circle and brings several trusted advisors. Nate’s ability to be a board member rests on his technological skill, his relationships throughout the elite/olympic athletic world, and his business acumen.


Ben Dyer


Serial Entrepreneur in software, digital media, banking, mobile, venture capital, technology. Best known as founding president of Peachtree Software. Member of Georgia Technology Hall of Fame but now residing in Austin, Texas. Previous EIR at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas. Also emeritus member of the boards of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and the Georgia Tech Foundation.

Specialties: Internet and Mobile Ventures, Advising Startup and Growth Stage Technology Companies

Cindy Keeney

Clinical Product, Research, Compliance

Cindy is an experienced clinical product manager and researcher. With over 10 years’ experience working with digital and mobile technologies, and more than 20 years of clinical practice, her areas of specialty include development of clinical products and features designed to improve health outcomes at the point of care.

Cindy is a master’s educated nurse and holds postgraduate certificates in Health Professions Education and Chronic Disease Management. She is an experienced educator having developed and evaluated field education programs and product demonstrations, including train the trainer models for a variety of audiences, clinicians and general public. As an outcomes researcher, she has designed and deployed studies internationally and in a variety of settings.

Cindy is passionate about utilizing technology to motivate persons to better manage their own health and to make more informed healthcare decisions, integrating healthcare technology into everyday mobile platforms, and maximizing the integration of evidence-informed practice at the point of care.

Nancy Cox

A visionary recognized for exceptional strategic planning, entrepreneurial style in management and strong motivational and communication skills.

Solid business leader with an outstanding record of selling and launching industry-leading technologies and health solutions resulting in marked improvement in healthcare processes and outcomes and significant risk reductions. Dynamic and result-focused healthcare executive with demonstrated expertise in delivering impressive contributions to business and product development, revenue growth, marketing, and operations.

Demonstrated ability to build and manage in both start-ups and national organizations

A committed advocate to improve human health and to transform the health care system that will lead to more sustainable health care spending through the adoption of innovation across the ecosystem of care.